F16 Simulator

Our state of the art F-16 simulators have 180° field of view screens designed with a real world perspective for the ultimate realistic flying experience. Our complete hi-fidelity cockpit contains over 100 functions that are found in the real F-16 fighter jet. Varying degrees of difficulty, a formidable opponent for both the Rookie and the Ace pilots. Whether you want to fly solo or with other pilots, our cockpits are suited for all flights.


4155DED (Data Entry Display)
replicasReplicas of US Airforce MFDs (Multi Function Display)
hotas-productReplica of the US Air Force F-16 block 52 controller, co-engineered in collaboration with US Airforce and used by US Air Force for pilot training. Joysticks have been upgraded with force sensors that replicate the displacement values of the real F-16 side stick controller.
rudderCombat Rudder Pedals
hudGlass HUD(Head Up Display) built into cockpit
aces_ejection_seat_F16_viperwingACES Ejection Seat Replica
monitors12 touchscreen monitors with over 100+ functions correlating to the real F-16.